Brew by U Hunter was founded on the commitment that quality, convenience and affordability should go hand-in-hand. Our public, brew on premises micro brewery is stocked with commercial grade brewing equipment, filled with the freshest hops, yeast and brewing ingredients that we can find. Brew by U Hunter uses zero chemicals or preservatives in the brewing process. This ensures that our recipes will not only emulate some of the major brews of the world but will go far beyond in terms of taste and fresh product!

Our equipment is effective in helping the brewing process for whatever amount you need. In just 2 weeks, we can help you brew and bottle a truly considerable amount of commercial grade beer at a fraction of the cost. During the fermenting process, beer is kept in our temperature controlled cool room. Featuring total hygiene control that will keep the beer fresh and clean, our service provides something truly special to Cardiff.
For bucks parties, weddings or large group events, the brewing process is stimulating and exciting. Brew by U Hunter has a large team of brewing specialists who will instruct you on how to use the equipment and lend their years of experience, if desired. For people who enjoy making Homemade spirits, Brew by U Hunter has the gear or spirit making apparatus available in their store now!

Whatever your event is, brewing your own beer will be both a cost saving endeavour and a rewarding service for your guests. Ring today to ask about our party services!


We are looking at producing Dry Pack Brew Kits of a limited range of our already popular brews. If you are keen on trying these packs email us or call us to discuss further.

SENIORS DISCOUNT-We now offer a 10% dicscount to seniors card holders on the price of a full brew. NO further discounts apply.

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