Choose your Brew
At your appointment time, come in and select a beer from our extensive brew range of over 160 beers.. Our staff can help you choose a brew recipe that is similar to your favorite local or imported beer.

Once you've selected your brew, our staff will provide you with the recipe. At this point, you will use our quality ingredients and measure out what will be added during the brewing process, After brewing time of approx 60 minutes, your brew will be ready to transfer into a fermenting container, where you will pitch the yeast to start the fermenting process. Please plan on approximately 90 minutes for the brewing process (in most cases less).

Fermenting Process
We place your beer into our fermentation room to ensure a controlled fermentation. This means a quality premium beer every time!

Bottling Day
On your bottling day, we cold filter your beer through our three stage filtering system. This ensures a clean, clear, crisp, sparkling beer every time. Lastly, your beer will be carbonated using a state-of-the-art electronic carbonator ready for you to bottle or keg. You can either bring in your own clean bottles or we have a selection of bottles or kegs for purchase (capacity must hold 50 litres). We will assist you in sterilising your bottles using our bottle rinser/sanitiser, after which you can sample your beer. You can then move onto the bottling and capping process (while sampling for quality). Bottles should be placed in strong boxes to ensure a safe trip home.  

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Home Storage and Drinking
Your beer must be stored in a refrigerator to keep it fresh and avoid spoilage. If you are short of space, consider sharing with a friend! Your beer is ready to drink from the moment you take it home, but it gets better with bottle aging. Some hoppy beers will mellow in the bottle over the first week.

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