Step 1. - After you call in and speak with a representative to book a brewing time, your first step is to consider recipes. A Brew by U Hunter specialist can meet with you, discuss your event and gauge your likes and dislikes with the purpose of finding the ideal beer for you to create.

Step 2. - We then supply you with quality ingredients, recipes and brewing specialists to help you craft your beer into something truly special. There is a minimum of 50 litres per batch and payment is required on the beer which has been laid down for fermenting.

Step 3. - After two weeks of fermenting, we can cold filter the beer through our three stage filtering system and help you to bottle, keg and carbonate the beer to your liking. The result is a clean crisp beer that’s sure to hit every taste you’re aiming at. Keep in mind that beers must be stored in a cool location to avoid spoiling.

Step 4. - There are no preservatives in the products we help you brew; thus temperature control (which we can provide with our mobile cooling systems) and timing are imperative. It usually takes about 2 weeks of fermenting for a batch, so the time must be right to secure beer for your event.

For more information on our mission as brewers, or to view a list of the beers that we can help you create, please visit our comprehensive Beer List or continue to browse our site!
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